Beauty Unbiased


Beauty is not the reflection of what the world sees. Beauty is held within you, in how you see yourself.

This has been one of the hardest battles I have had to fight and I still constantly battle feelings of inadequacy, as do a lot of people on our planet. Belief in yourself, belief in your self-worth, and blocking out the skeptics of the world are key ingredients that will allow us to thrive.  Everyday we are inundated with what the world believes is beautiful and what the world believes is worth love and attention. To feel extraordinary, to feel beautiful, to feel like we are worth love we need to remember the flower. (Bear with me) Flowers grow day in and day out needing only water, space to grow, and a little encouragement from the sun. They are not told they need to be a certain color to be beautiful or a certain shape to attract a partner. They grow and bloom with no care for how people will react and they attract those who find beauty in them. We need to remember this: we are each beautiful and we will attract those who can see our beauty for what it is.

I must admit that this idea that flowers are an example of beauty unbiased was inspired by the movie A Little Chaos, which I highly recommend. Here is a little taste.

We need to use the fact that everyone is different and has a different view on beauty to build our confidence in ourselves, that we can be extraordinary in our own way and that is okay. For me and maybe for you this requires a change in not only how we see ourselves, but how we treat ourselves and others around us. Take a couple minutes everyday to tell to yourself (out loud, in front of the mirror) that you are beautiful, that you are loved, that you are worth everything. It may sound silly, or dumb, but hearing the words out loud and making eye contact with yourself when you do will make a difference. It may just seem like words at first, but the more you hear them the more you will believe them and soon you won’t even need to say them because you will know them as fact.  It can also help to do a 30 second wonder woman pose in the morning or before you go into a meeting or interview so that you are going out with your most confident foot forward.  Then when those negative thoughts or doubts raise their heads throughout the day (because they most likely will) do not hesitate, but drown them with positive thoughts or change what you are doing so you have to move your focus.

We are all in this battle together and we need to use our strengths to bolster not only ourselves, but to uplift those around us. Surround yourself with positivity, but don’t forget to feed that positivity with your own. One final reminder: No conditions, no catches, no clauses, no limits. You are beautiful.

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