Boisterous conviviality…Let’s party!

Version 2Tis the season for holiday parties!! As a fan of parties and happy hours in general I am going to cover some ideas for any parties you are thinking about throwing this season.

  1. Ugly Sweater Party! Pretty self explanatory you throw what would normally be a regular party, but everyone has to wear an ugly sweater (duh). It used to be hard to find a sweater to wear to a party like this, but now you can go to Walmart or thrift store and find one for pretty cheap.
    1. If you are looking for holiday game ideas related to this you can also always have a vote for the “ugliest” sweater
  2. Holiday themed cocktail party- there are a lot of ideas out there for holiday themed drinks. Last year I personally was in charge of making peppermint martini’s for my family. Here are some links to great resources:
    1. This year I will definitely be using some from delish’s list
    2. Here is another extensive list from HGTV
    3. Note: If you have kids it is always fun to have an alternative that looks similar, but is non-alcoholic. You could always do some plain egg nog or Shirley temples that are in fancy glasses with candy canes as garnish.
  3. If you live in an apartment building or don’t have a fire place, but want that cozy ambiance You Tube and Netflix now have recordings of Yule logs you can have playing in the background. Some have Holiday music associated with them while others just have the usual crackle.
  4. Gift exchanges are always a crowd favorite just remember:
    1. Set a price limit
    2. White elephants gift exchanges are always fun (finding things around your house you don’t want anymore or can’t use, so you can take to a gift exchange)
    3. When distributing, it’s fun to just pick numbers and that person then gets to choose a gift.
      1. If you are going to allow stealing set a limit of the number of times it can be stolen!
  5. Have everyone bring a dish!
    1. This could be a traditional holiday food for them
    2. Or could be different types of cookies
    3. This could also lead to bake off party games
      1. Competitions for favorite cookie
      2. Guess who the baker was

Whatever you decide for your holiday party remember it is a time for people to come together to celebrate. It can be a time fore reminiscing and catching up, don’t put stress on it to make it perfect. People will come to enjoy the atmosphere and to see you. So in the end all that matters is that you enjoy it and have fun with it.



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