Be Inspirational – Find Your Magic

A famous author that introduced us to the wizarding world once said, “It is our choices that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” (J.K. Rowling)

If you are like me, you were born and raised here on a little planet called Earth where magic must be found in the world around us or we must create it. We owe it to ourselves to find this magic, this inspiration, in our everyday lives.

The first time I ever saw this quote it was painted in the hallway of my sister’s high school and I remember disagreeing with the sentiment. At the time I believed that our abilities paved our way (because you can’t get an athletic scholarship without ability) and that we owed it to the world to use our abilities to their fullest potential. It took a few years, but when I came back to it I finally understood. People may be given certain abilities (brains, athleticism, beauty, etc.), but it is up to us to decide what to do with them.

Do we use them for Good or for Evil?

We do not owe the world the use of our capabilities, we owe it to ourselves to find what makes us happy. A person may be a genius, but if they are not dedicated to or find no inspiration in the world of academia then that is their choice, whether we would choose the same or not.

Our inspiration guides our choices in life whether this comes from coaches, peers, teachers, or family. So we must evaluate what inspires us and decide if that is the path we want to follow. Do we want to be a force for good and inspire others to reach their full potential or do we want to lord our abilities over everyone else? The great, and sometimes difficult, thing is that it is up us to decide. We must be honest with ourselves and choose our path, we must decide what type of inspiration we want to leave for future generations. We are put on this earth with a set of skills, it is our job to find what inspires us, what makes us happy, and then pursue that with open arms. We are not here to judge other peoples decisions about how they use their skills.


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